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General Industry Market

  • This is an aging society all over the world.
  • More seniors can afford Assisted Living Facilities
  • Real estate worth has increased significantly. Seniors can sell their resident into cash and move in our attractive campus.
  • General speaking, group living is more economical than staying home with private caregivers.
  • It is hard to find experienced caregiver for Alzheimer family member at home. Skilled nursing is not easy to provide at home. Many families have to send the loved ones to the group living alternative facilities.

 China Market

 We are providing our service to the currently un-tapped Chinese market which has a tremendous growth potential

  • Over 80 years old population is growing 3 times faster than the total US population
  • Better health care – people living longer
  • The grown children of the seniors have higher income and net worth. They are demending better environment for retirement and care
  • Over $140 Billion industry
  • Supply for quality product is short of demand
  • Existing supply is old, institutional and poor quality
  • Highly fragmented market
  • In China, the growth of retirees is exasperated by the dramatic changes in the culture and living patterns in China in the last 20 years. Now almost 80% of China’s residents live in urban areas. The grown children are few and busy with their own busy life style. The outside help will be much needed than ever.
  • The government policies provide plenty of incentive for the investors to start up the senior care business. The money flow around will fuel the new construction of various facilities. It will be the new sector in this decade.

Our Adventages in China

  • Senior Care Communities (Shanghai) was established in 2008. According to the Chinese Ministry of Labor, the number of retirees in China’s cities will soar from 70million in 2010 to 100million in 2020.
  • There is very few management expertise in China. Senior Care Communities (Shanghai) is poised to fill this stringent need of caring for Chinese rapidly expanding senior population.